Host a Workshop

Are you looking for an experienced speaker to deliver a workshop designed to improve your clients practical training techniques? Some handler's worry that they can't get their timing quite right, they don't know when or where to reward. Or perhaps they lack the confidence to try new skills such as using a clicker, trick training, or practical skills. Others are doing really well, but need help fine tuning their techniques, easing them past their sticking points and niggles.

Invite Denise along as a guest instructor, hosting just the right workshop for your clients.

Denise has written for Dogs Monthly magazine, explaining how Clicker Training is accessible by all dog owners, not just the professionals. Handlers of all capabilities will be welcomed with Denise's inclusive and personable training style; each exercise is adapted to suit the individual handler and dog, enabling them both to achieve new skills and understand how to develop further. Denise is also a Dogs Monthly's "Ask the Expert" panel member, demonstrating that she is a respected and knowledgeable presenter. 

You can look forward to confident and engaging delivery of your workshop, as seen at Denise's practical demonstrations at e.g., Country Fairs, Dog Shows, with her own dog Mabel. She has experience running her own workshops, in addition to her weekly dog training classes, so is comfortable instructing groups of all sizes. 

The range of (typically 2 hour) workshops that can be delivered at your training venue include:

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Bespoke workshops can also be devised. Contact Denise for details including requesting a price quotation for your preferred workshop and location. Use either the contact form below, or email [email protected]