Teaching a Doberman to Leave It
Training should be fun!
Here, we are working on a 'Leave It' command ... spot the treat on the squirrels nose.
Labradoodle Training Leave It Denise Price Dog Instructor
Sit and Stay!
Denise encourages dogs to walk nicely on the lead, and develop a good Sit/Stay ... essential for posing for photos!
Golden Retriever Labrador Sit Stay Obedience Training
Labradoodle and Border Collie Sit Stay Obedience Training
Labradoodle Yorkshire Terrier Labrador Sit Stay Obedience Training
Labradoodle, Yorkshire Terrier, Golden Retriever, Cockapoo, Obedience Stay Training
Springer Spaniel recall and stop obedience training
Eli, Springer Spaniel
Denise helped with Eli's recall to whistle, and 'Stop' command
Springer / Cocker Spaniel (Sprocker) recall, sit and stay, multi-dog training
Labradoodle agility training learn the basics first
Beach Dog Training Recall Obedience on holiday