1. Communication: Slicker by Clicker
    02 Oct, 2018
    Communication: Slicker by Clicker
    Clicker training isn't only for professional dog trainers or highly experienced owners; it can be useful for teaching plenty of everyday situations. Clicker training provides a clear way of communicating to your dog exactly what you are teaching - it's slicker with a clicker!
  2. That “Difficult Second Album” … for Dogs?! (Adolescence)
    19 Aug, 2018
    That “Difficult Second Album” … for Dogs?! (Adolescence)
    Puppies make their debut album: they're an instant hit! Adolescent dogs present new challenges. Learn how you can prepare yourself and work through that difficult second stage.
  3. The Triangle of Play
    18 Jun, 2018
    The Triangle of Play
    The Triangle of Play There are 3 essential ingredients to play - the dog, the toy …  and you. It is all three of these components that make the play really fun, and make up what I like to call “The Triangle of Play”. Leave a toy static in a toy box: your dog may pick it up once in a while, but will soon lose interest. Yet if you pick up the toy and generate some energy with it, you’ll also pick up your dog’s interest, and there you have the “Triangle of Play”: dog, toy and handler. Play has
  4. Smiling Dog Trainer and Her Smiling Dog
    09 Jan, 2018
    Crack a Smile and Crack On Training
    Why smiling at your dog will make you feel better, and make your dog training better.